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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Of Crazy, Dangerous Ideas

So Elizabeth May has kicked up a bit of a fuss by saying that the Greens and NDP should stay off the ballot in the Optiz vs. Wrzesnewskyj face-off (should the Supreme Court rule in Borys' favour).

That this was their fight - essentially, they'd fought hard for the right for it to be about them.

Of course the folks with the most to lose immediately lost their freaking minds at the idea - in a riding where Borys only lost by 26 votes with a divided vote, a united Left would certainly spell Opitz's doom.

"Conservatives are so strong that 3 Parties must gang up to defeat them!!"

"So May advocates rigging an election. Another triumph for democracy."

"May=class clown. I thought you were better than that. Are you trying to go for the Mother Teresa medal or something. Harper if it was legal, would hit you over the head with a shovel just to win that riding,,,and yu want to bow out?????"

"Selective democarcy. Must be a one of the left leaning ideas I'm not familiar with. Did it come out of Marxist play book?" (Brilliant response to this comment here)

"Just what we need. Election etiquette from "i"ll parachute to any riding as long as you elect me" Elizabeth May. What a joke."

Now, to be clear, we can't be out there stifling the people's Democratic voice.

But, then again, we forget that as it stands, right now, we are not living in a Democracy.

(I mean, besides the fact that a true Democracy would have 'None of these candidates' on the ballot - but I digress...)

The reality is that right now our entire Democratic process - thanks to the Robocall Scandal during the 41st General Election - currently lives with a giant Question Mark hanging over its head.

The legitimacy of our decision as a nation is still, over a year later, in question.

Which means that, until that issue is resolved properly, we are not living in a Democracy.

And I dare anyone to step forward fighting Ms. May's claim by citing 'silencing Democratic voices' while the spectre of RoboFraud still hangs thick in the air.

See, we know, statistically

[Study: Full paper + analysis]
[Different study + backup + Full Paper]

even without a CPCsmoking gun, that the 41st General election was (1) messed (2) with (3).  There's more than enough studies and data that prove that 'something' happened.

From Source 2 Globe And Mail article:
"Mr. Graves said Ekos found that 1.5 per cent of voters surveyed in the seven ridings stayed home because of calls concerning polling station location changes – and 0.1 per cent, or 1/20th of the total, identified themselves as Conservative supporters. Mr. Graves said the margin of error in this finding is 0.4 per cent.

He said a vote shift of less than 1.3 per cent in six of the seven ridings was all that was needed to shift the outcome."
So, yeah, remember how the Robofraud story was a national scandal about 5 months ago?

Where is it now?  Silence. Crickets.

Pierre Poutine slipped away on a cheese curd and we've resigned ourselves to a collective shrug.

So right off the block we must accept a simple fact:

We're not in a Democracy, certainly not a functioning, accountable one.

Thus, with that said:

Let's talk 'Crazy, Dangerous' ideas.

First, I think everyone should give Stephen Harper a round of applause.

He got rid of the per-vote subsidy.

And why has that turned out to be a great thing?

Because it was the last, even remotely reasonable excuse for the Left to stay divided.

Before, Harper could keep them clawing at one another; dividing themselves as they fought over pennies - that $2 per vote was just enough to keep the vote split enough for the CPC to saunter up around the back door.

(well, that and a piss-poor selection for Prime-Ministerial competition)

But here we are now, that one last impetus to keep the Left at each other's throats removed from the board.

Ms. May's point is dead-on and it strikes fear into the heart of Conservatives everywhere because if they do it and if it works, it sets a most dangerous precedent.

If the parties can put aside their differences long enough to get out of each other's way, to step aside and help one another get elected, the Conservatives in Canada don't have a chance.

It's that simple.

You want to talk Crazy, Dangerous ideas?

I'm going to do what I endeavour to never do:

Walk right off the ledge of sanity:

Here's how the Left can Unite in Canada (without really 'Uniting').

The Left gets together and, together, systematically decides which of their candidates has the best chance of winning in each and every riding.

The one who's going to win stays, the ones that will only split the vote, doesn't even bother running a candidate in that riding.

If its a dead heat then let both fight it out fairly and whoever wins, wins.

Thanks to the elimination of the per-vote subsidy there's literally no reason to run a candidate that can't win anymore.

Again, people can squawk about 'Democratic voices' being silenced but I say:

So what?

Our Democratic voices weren't enough to light a fire under our Government's ass to call a Royal Commission on Robofraud from Day #1.

Our Democratic voices weren't enough to get Elections Canada running to the rescue.

Our Democratic voices meant so little that William Corbett, the Elections Canada Commissioner himself - in the middle of the biggest investigation of his entire career, that literally questioned the entirety of our Democratic process - chose to unexpectedly and without warning, retire mid-stride rather than hang on tight and see his job through for the good of our nation.

That's how much your 'Democracy', your 'Democratic voice' matters.

Doesn't that anger you?

Because that's the reality of where we are right now as a nation.

So fight fire with fire.

No more playing games with the illusion - because make no mistake, that's what it is:

An illusion of Democracy.

And anyone who's willing to steal an election once is more than willing to steal an election again.

So let the Left work together to get as many Left candidates into seats as possible.

And then let Canadians put them in there with a strong mandate to fix this goddamned mess.

To limit the power that Party Leaders hold over their MPs through the Nomination Paper signing process.

Which, in turn, will remove the impetus for the 'lock-step' politics that we see going on around us.

Which would allow for public debate to return -- because why bother debating a bill that you've already been told which way you're voting?

Which would allow for MPs to vote in the way that their Constituents - the people that put them in office to be their voices - would want them to vote.

It'd work too.

They know it would.

Which is why people are scared, why they're squawking.

We're on a potential slippery slope of a whole other kind here:

Restoring our Representative Democracy.

Getting a Government that represents the true will of our nation, not the one that managed to slip in through the cracks.

Luckily for the CPC, Politics is more 'ego' than it is 'good ideas rising to the surface' these days and the only reason the Left wouldn't work together is the same reason you'll never see them put reasonable limits on the power of the Prime Minister.

Every single one of them is dreaming of the day they get to wield that power for themselves.

The day they get to reshape Canada in their image.

That's why Canadians are left to *facepalm* as we watch the Left push and shove and denigrate one another.

While the Right stands quietly to the sidelines and snickers.

For some reason the Left has refused to learn the lesson that by helping each other we all win.

And so the Right takes the crown with the plurality of votes, under the shadow of a compromised Electoral process.

And Canadians end up the losers.

So here I am talking crazy talk.

Dangerous, crazy talk.

But what can I say?

Free thought is a Dangerous thing.

And, luckily, this is all just an idea.




Mogs said...

David Orchard had a written agreement with Peter MacKay that expressly forbid him to merge the then Progressive Conservative Party of Canada with the right wing lunatic Canadian Alliance which in really was earlier the 'Reform Party' and before that a neo-nazi ultra-right wing Northern Foundation Party headed by the monster harper....

It was a political party [the cons] born in backroom vampire action sucking the real blood out of the progressive's...

So what do you expect from where treachery births a new Canadian political party?

And see how McKay for the backroom treachery is rewarded and gets to fly wherever his small mind takes him on the public purse?

Now lets look at Harper again shall we...


Mogs said...

Talk about crazy I forgot about this little tidbit of info:


Brandon Laraby said...

Hey Mogs,

I really appreciate you taking the time to be involved in the discussion - that said I wanted to share my concerns re this share:

I read your link but I'm not seeing those accusations backed up by any sort of credible sources. I allowed your comment to be posted because I believe in free speech here, but I'd appreciate - especially when articles go splashing pictures of 'Nazi Harper' - seeing some sort of credible sources cited alongside (or, preferably, in the article by the original author) as well.

My intent here is not to come down on you or censor you but for all of the 'Nazi Harper' talk I've heard I've yet to see folks come forward with credible, verifiable evidence to support their claims.

The linked article starts from the belief that the reader already agrees with them and thus doesn't bother to cite anything.

Mogs said...

they have already started censoring the last link I provided, on the simple minds vid at the beginning of Aberhart and Harper on Crusade it said "this is forbidden in your country" they are so dumb:


Mogs said...

Murray Dobin is very credible you can find him here:


Mostly he lives on this page:



When that gentleman speaks I listen...

I understand then that you did not take the time to read the links because there is a ton of footnotes and references in second article...

No offense taken and yes sir I cannot prove it personally to you because it has been highly censored out of the main stream press...

But there is way to much info on the internet about Stevie's relation with the Northern Foundation that I would have to be a fool to ignore it...

I just as an old man like to keep informed, that's all...

You don't like my comments? Ban me I could not care less...

I visit many blogs across this great country Canada that Stephen and his boys and girls are dismantling...

And so now I have my hand on the pulse of citizens from coast to coast and the overwhelming majority do not like harpo or what he is doing...

So I've researched the ****head and that is what I have found, we need a change and fast.



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