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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


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My name is Brandon Laraby.

I am a Canadian citizen, a patriot and, largely, a quiet, peace-loving nobody. 

I’m happily married and the father of a healthy, happy young boy.

I have not known war. 

No one in my family has gone off to fight and die in the military – or come back a hero.

Heck, I’ve barely even seen the world.

Basically, I am the least qualified person on the planet to be standing here, on one of the most hallowed days in our history, protesting against Stephen Harper and the Harper Government.

Well, except for one thing:

I’m Canadian.

I am proudly Canadian.

… But I am not a brave man.

I sit here at my little keyboard and I type words on the internet.

I don’t dodge bullets, I don’t have ‘the right stuff’.  For all of the anger and frustration and fear that I feel… this is all I have.  My words.

I love and respect the hell out of those who would do what I can not.

So why couldn’t I keep my goddamned mouth shut for one more day?  Until the flags have risen once more and the wreaths are covered in morning dew?

Why did it have to be this day?

Believe it or not: Respect for the dead.

I cannot stand silent any longer.  I cannot watch our government place a wreath in honour of these dead men whilst our Prime Minister undoes all that they - and all of our soldiers - have fought to protect:


This Prime Minister that shuts us out, that breaks our laws,that strikes fear into his own – duly elected - MPs so that even those who would dare raise their concerns are cowed into silence.

A Prime Minister that ignores the will of the people to his own ends.

A Prime Minister who pays lip-service to our veterans and their plights.

A Prime Minister that stands before you today with a bowed head and reverential words.

With his actions, his secrecy and his lies, he spits on their memory.

On the Democracy they died to protect.

And the promise we made to them.

Because that’s the thing, isn’t it?

When we send Canadians off to die in our name, we do it with a simple promise:

That what you’re dying for is worth defending.

I want you to take a good look around you, at yourself, your friends and your loved ones. 

I want you to take an honest look at the behaviour of our ‘duly elected’ Prime Minister and his government. 

Now ask yourself: Does that promise still hold true?

While mountains and aquifers are blasted to snake pipeline out to rocky, treacherous inlets and ‘double-hulled’ tankers.

While our livelihoods are scrapped so that we can scrape together Forty Billion Dollars to buy single-engine ‘flying pianos’.

While our Government works to pass laws that would allow them to spy on us in our own homes.

While lies and scandal and corruption have become the high watermark for what we must accept from those who would prey on our votes.

What happened to Linda Keen?

Why did David Wilks eat his own brave words?

Why are those who care about the well-being of our national environment now called ‘Extremists’ and 'Terrorists'?

Why does Bev Oda still have a job?

We’re expected to sit down and shut up and just take what we’re given. 

If we stand we are knocked down and damn you for trying

You had your say when you voted, if you wanted it any other way, then tough luck.

But did we vote for this, really?   

Is this the platform that our government ran on? 

Did they tell us that “We will ignore you and do whatever we want”?

Did they tell us that they will shut us out and hide our government ‘in camera’?

Did they tell us that they will force their will upon us no matter what we say?

I was too young to care about those who came before Harper – Chrétien and the Liberal corruption were all before I knew or cared much at all about politics.

But I know what I see before me now. 

And, through reading, I’ve come to know about the sponsorship scandal and the corruption in the previous Liberal government.

But here’s the thing:  If you fought so hard against them – if you brought them down by promising transparency and accountability and good, honest government.

Shouldn’t you know better?

If you felled the Liberals over their corruption, doesn’t it stand that travelling down that very same road makes you even worse than them?  You knew better, you promised us MORE, then took the exact same path and made it worse.

How DARE WE ask these brave souls to fight and die on our behalf while we allow this corruption to run rampant before our very eyes?

I know I’m going to pay for this.

For speaking up, for giving a damn and for daring to do it on a day when we should be mourning our dead and honouring their sacrifice.

I don’t care.  The way I see it, I am honouring their sacrifice.  Right here, right now.

Our Prime Minister is an employee of the Canadian people.  He was not voted in with sweeping powers to pave over Canada and remake it in his image.  

He was voted in to serve US.

Public SERVICE.  For All of us.

Stephen Harper has forgotten his place.

And while we cannot ‘recall’ him – heck, our Constitution barely even recognizes his existence, let alone the beginning and ending of his powers – we sure can strip him of his moral authority to govern us.

It’s a funny thing, ‘moral authority’.  Politicians talk about it all the time ‘you’ve lost the moral authority to govern’.  But what does that mean, really?

Moral Authority: (of a person, institution, or written work) The quality or characteristic of being respected for having good character or knowledge, especially as a source of guidance or an exemplar of proper conduct.

Normally ‘moral authority’ is just rhetoric.  It’s just politicians yelling across the aisles.  But what if it were true?  What if 10,000 or 20,000 Canadians stood up and said ‘You do not represent me or my Canada’?  What if we took away his ability to even remotely say that he is doing our will, doing what we would want?

Now, I know 20,000 doesn’t seem like much, but did you know that Stephen Harper won his ‘Majority’ by only 16, 568 votes?

Election Fraud or otherwise, that is NOT a ‘Majority’ of Canadians.  I don’t care which way you try to slice it.

I’d like to introduce you to another word:

Denounce: Publicly declare to be wrong or evil.

Now I won’t go as far as to say that our Prime Minister is ‘evil’.  He’s certainly no Hitler, as some would suggest.  No, we can see evil – true evil – by turning on the News. 

But is he ‘Wrong’?  Oh yes; This man who seems more at home imagining himself as a ‘President’ or an Autocrat.

He is wrong for Canada and he is wrong for Canadians.

And so here I am, on this little blog of mine in the middle of nowhere, taking a stand.

Stephen Harper does not speak for me.  His lies and deceit, his maltreatment of Veterans and the First Nations and the Canadian people are not reflective of MY Canada. 

They sure as hell are not reflective of the Canada these brave men fought and died to protect. 

To preserve, for us all.

Not the Left or the Right or the rich or the well-connected.  All.

And so, today, on this most precious day, I hereby formally #DenounceHarper.

And I invite you to do so as well.

Perhaps, together, we can inspire 16,568 Canadians to step forward, join us on this Facebook page and Denounce Harper - to strip Stephen Harper of his Moral Authority to govern us.

To get the Transparent, Accountable government that we were promised.

I invite you all to non-violently share your stories with me and the world.  I want to hear about your hardships and struggles under this secretive, corrupt government.  I want to hear the real effects of how his policies, his cuts and more have impacted your life.

If I am not alone here, if you feel what I feel, then please, take a moment go to this page and share your story with us all.

And then, if after that you still feel what I feel, then I ask you to stand with me on July 1st of this year. 

As we stand together on the birthday of our nation and, together, non-violently Denounce Harper.

July 1st is #DenouncementDay

With love, kindness and hope, I remain:

Brandon Laraby
A Proud Canadian Citizen

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sassy said...

July 1st to Denounce Harper - Canada could have no better birthday gift than to be rid of him!

John Prince said...

Totally agree Sassy. July 1st works for me, although I prefer 'denouncing Harper' 365 days out of the year and wish he were all but a bad memory instead of an on-going nightmare.

miramichimike said...

By the looks of the expression on the faces of the CPC backbenchers yesterday during Del Mastro responses to election spending yesterday this house of cards may be falling. Their tepid applause to his response sure said it all.

J. B. Rainsberger said...

A step in the direction of making your vote count in the next election: http://www.votepair.ca/

Vennell said...

Thank you, this was very well said and expressed many of my own thoughts. I'm proud to meet another patriotic Canadian. Harper is NOT Canada, nor dose he stand up to Canadian ideals. Good luck with your efforts.